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Code of Conduct

Members should operate in the 

off-airport park & ride industry in the UK // 

All IAPA members must abide by the Association's Code of Conduct:


  • Members should operate in the off-airport park and ride and/ or meet & greet industry in the UK.

  • Members' car parks should be exclusively on land authorised for airport car parking.

  • At the time of joining IAPA, members must hold the Park Mark Safer Parking Award for each car park they operate, or commit to achieving the award at all car parks within six months.

  • Members must obtain the Park Mark Safer Parking Award for any new car park they acquire or construct subsequent to joining the Association within six months of the acquisition or completion of construction work.

  • Any Member that fails to obtain the Park Mark Safer Parking Award for any of their car parks within the timeframes specified in the Code or otherwise determined by the IAPA Executive will have their membership terminated.

  • Members must maintain their courtesy transport to a high standard both internally and externally, using only fully qualified drivers for the courtesy transport operation and drivers with valid driving licenses to move customers' cars.

  • Members should operate sufficient numbers of courtesy vehicles to ensure that transport is normally available within 20 minutes of the client's arrival at the car park and on clearing customs on their return.

  • Members should have a clear procedure for complaints, cancellations and refunds, and should use all reasonable endeavours to ensure that any limitations or exclusions of liability should be given in literature supplied to customers at the time a booking is made, or as soon as practical thereafter.

  • Adequate security against theft to customers’ cars and reasonable safety measures to prevent or limit the hazard of fire on Members' premises must be provided for.

  • Members must have appropriate insurance cover to protect customers and their cars.

  • Members should not take any deliberate course of action which is harmful to the best interests of the Association or its members other than in the normal course of fair competition.

  • Members should not use or attempt to use information acquired through membership of the Association about another Member's business to their own advantage at the expense of that other Member.

  • Members should notify the Chair of any change in their circumstance which would affect any aspect of their membership of IAPA, including changes to the number of parking spaces they have.

  • No Member can commit the Association to any expenditure or policy, speak on the Association's behalf to the press, the local planning authority, or any other interested party without the prior consent of the Chair.

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