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Joining IAPA

Membership of IAPA provides independent off-airport park and ride operators with a number of key benefits:


  • Participation in discussions with other industry participants on key developments affecting the sector

  • The opportunity to help shape the Association's position on issues

  • Access to information and intelligence on relevant public policy, legislative and regulatory developments

  • The opportunity to help promote industry best practice, share non-competitive information and extend your contacts within the industry

Membership Criteria

IAPA currently has two categories of membership: Full Membership and Associate Membership.

Applying for Membership

Applications to join IAPA are welcome from all companies meeting the membership criteria. To apply for membership please use the form on the contact us page or write to:



Snow Hill


West Sussex

RH10 3EQ


  • Full membership is restricted to independent off-airport park and ride and/ or meet & greet operators. Admission to membership is at the discretion of IAPA's Executive Committee.

  • All members agree to abide by the IAPA constitution and any other rules that may from time to time be established by the Association.

  • Full membership entitles members to attend all meetings of IAPA, to stand for office, and to input fully into the direction and shape of IAPA policy positions.

  • Members are entitled to use the IAPA logo on their own corporate material, which must be reproduced in the correct colour, typeface and scale.


Fees: There are no fixed annual fees for membership however, expenditure incurred by IAPA will be funded by members pro-rata to the number of spaces held by each member.


Full Membership

Associate Membership


  • Associate membership is open to independent off-airport parking operators, and associated companies or individuals with an interest in the Association and who are supportive of its objectives. Admission is at the discretion of the Executive Committee.

  • Associate membership entitles members to receive minutes of IAPA member meetings, and copies of major policy statements. Minutes may be edited at the discretion of the Executive if issues of confidentiality arise.

  • Associate members are not entitled to attend IAPA member meetings, and are not allowed to stand for office.

  • Associate members may submit material for consideration or inclusion in IAPA policy statements to the IAPA Chair at any time. All submissions must be made in writing.


Fees: Fees for associate membership are currently £100.00 per annum to be paid on joining.



All membership fees are exclusive of VAT.


NB. All members who are car park operators must abide by the Association’s Code of Conduct.

Want To Become a Member?
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