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Airports with the most expensive parking costs: the Independent Airport Parking Association (IAPA) r

A review by Admiral Insurance revealed which airports have the most expensive parking costs, with Luton Airport topping the list with charges of almost £200 for a fortnight during the summer holidays.

In response, Chairman of the Independent Airport Parking Association Mark Hinge says: "The report highlights the value of shopping around for better airport parking deals, with off-site parking operators often providing a cheaper alternative to airport’s own parking options.

"But the report fails to warn against the risks of simply going with the cheapest parking option.

“Our message to anyone booking airport parking is to check that the operator you use has a secure parking facility that is approved for airport parking and that they have adequate insurance in place to cover damage to your car and to transport you to and from the airport.

“The easiest way to get airport parking peace of mind is to book with a company that displays the IAPA logo.

“Our members are responsible for 45,000 off-site airport parking spaces and they park more than one million cars every year.

“Every IAPA member guarantees to park your car in a secure facility that is authorised for airport parking, and they carry full insurance cover for both you and your car.

"This peace of mind doesn’t mean paying the highest prices. For airport parking at Luton during the period analysed (22 July to 5 August), three IAPA members - Airparks, APH and Purple Parking - offer park and ride services for almost £100 less* than the airport price quoted.

“So for peace of mind airport parking, shop around for the best deals and book where you see the IAPA logo.”

* For two weeks parking at Luton Airport from 22 July to 5 August:

  • Drop&Go Service costs from £102

  • Purple Parking’s Park & Ride services costs from £107

  • APH’s Park & Ride service costs from £107

For a full list of IAPA members click here:

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