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Luton Airport holidaymakers' cars are vandalised on residential street: comment from the Indepen

The Daily Mail today reported how furious residents have vandalised two cars parked on a residential street so that the owners could avoid airport parking fees while they went on holiday.

In response, Chairman of the Independent Airport Parking Association Mark Hinge says:

"Holidaymakers need to think about who is caring for their car while they are away.

"Using a residential street to avoid airport parking charges is a false economy when it means you are leaving your car in an unsecure location while you are away.

"At Luton Airport it costs from less than £7 per day for a family of four to book a park-and-ride service in August with a company that is a member of the Independent Airport Parking Association (IAPA).

"This means that your car will be parked in a secure, monitored location and you will be dropped off and collected right at the airport entrance.

"The easiest way to get airport parking peace of mind is to book with a company that displays the IAPA logo."

For more advice on how to find peace of mind airport parking, see IAPA's guidelines here.

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