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Stansted Airport meet and greet service loses passengers' car keys: comment from the Independent

The Daily Mail reported how Stansted Airport's meet and greet service descended into chaos when attendants were unable to find customers keys and return their cars.

In response, Chairman of the Independent Airport Parking Association Mark Hinge says:

"Our sympathies go out to all those who have been affected by the airport parking problems at Stansted Airport. When holidaymakers book with quality airport parking companies problems are very rare - members of the Independent Airport Parking Association (IAPA) look after more than one million cars every year with a complaints ratio that is less than one


"IAPA's advice to holidaymakers booking airport parking is to follow a few simple steps to ensure that their car is cared for while they are away. Always check a company's independent reviews, never book a company that only displays a mobile contact number, and look for the Park Mark logo to ensure your car will be parked in a location that is secure and police approved."

For more advice on peace of mind airport parking, see the IAPA guide here.

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