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Airport Parking News From January

Manchester Airport To Tackle 'Fly Parking'

Manchester Airport is introducing a raft of measures to combat fly-parking on local streets. Rogue meet & greet operators leaving customers' cars on public streets has been identified as one factor behind the number of cars left on residential roads, along with taxi drivers waiting for pickups and airport staff looking for free parking.

To combat the problem, the airport is introducing a recommended operator scheme so that customers know they are booking with an approved meet & greet provider with their own, secure parking.

They are also creating a new waiting area for taxis and writing to airport firms to remind them of the need to respect surrounding communities.

An IAPA spokesperson says: "Fly-parking is one example of the dangers of booking with a meet & greet operator you haven't checked out fully.

"There's a small number of unscrupulous firms who will take your car and then simply leave it on a local street where there is no security. To be sure your car is looked after when you are away, book with a member of the Independent Airport Parking Association as they are guaranteed to park your car in a secure, dedicated facility.

“Remember if it’s so cheap that it looks too good to be true, it probably is…."

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