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Airport parking press coverage


The Independent Airport Parking Association's message of peace of mind airport has been appearing across the UK press in the run up to the summer holidays.

The RAC has taken our parking message to the masses, with spokesperson Ron Dennis urging drivers who are researching longer stay airport parking to "only book through reliable parking providers – such as through an official airport website or a parking provider that is a member of the Independent Airport Parking Association (IAPA)."

This message, in an article about the increase in pick-up prices at airports across the UK, received widespread coverage with outlets including the Daily Express, Money Wise, Business Leader and the Automotive Blog featuring the RAC's recommendation.

We teamed up with insurance specialist Budget Insurance to raise awareness of our airport parking tips to 170,000 customers, with their comprehensive guide covering everything from choosing the right parking provider to preparing your car before you go away.

National newspaper i News included IAPA in a feature on how to save money and get the most secure airport parking for your holiday.

The Daily Express interviewed IAPA chairman Nick Caunter for his comments on how to get the best airport parking experience this summer.

The Sun had their own take on how to avoid a Hol Lot Of Hassle, using our tips for how to avoid a parking horror story in an article about the world's busiest airports.

Millions of UK holidaymakers will fly abroad this year and some will have the bad luck of choosing a poor quality parking operator who doesn’t store their car securely.

Follow these six simple tips to help you get airport parking peace of mind:

  1. Look for the telltale signs of a suspect company, such as a poor website, no landline and no trading address.

  2. See what other customers say by choosing a company that publishes independent reviews of its service.

  3. Check for extra costs that bump up the price you pay, such as booking fees, airport access and transfers.

  4. Only book with a company that displays the Park Mark logo, which means their car park has been police assessed and is properly maintained and secure.

  5. Know where your car is kept. Ask for the car park address and then take a look on Google Maps.

  6. To leave your car in the safest hands, always book with a member of the Independent Airport Parking Association.

Find an IAPA member here:


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